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The phrase “patent prosecution” is a bit misleading because it implies that someone is being prosecuted for something. However, what it usually really means in the field of patent law is simply the process of applying for a patent for one’s invention. The patent prosecution process is very complex, and those who are awarded patents must meet many criteria. Often, this process involves negotiations with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO. Examiners from the USPTO ultimately determine whether or not an invention is patentable. It is nearly always a good idea to hire a patent prosecution lawyer to represent you and assist you with the patent application process if you are trying to get your invention patented.

Steps to Take in Patent Prosecution

To conduct a successful patent prosecution, inventors must first make sure that there is not already another invention that is the same as, or similar, to theirs. This is done by conducting a search of the USPTO website. When you hire a patent prosecution lawyer, this search is usually included in the fee. As the inventor, you must also put together specific information about your invention, like drawings, descriptions, specifications and the like. You must be able to show how the invention will solve a problem and how it will work. All related application paperwork must also be correctly filed and submitted. When an examiner looks at your material, he/she may disagree that your invention is patentable, and then, negotiations begin. This is where having a lawyer really comes in handy.

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