The drive to create is a characteristic of all people, and as a result, we see new designs, inventions, written works and other creative material everywhere we look. The area of intellectual property law deals with the rules and regulations that are in place to protect those who create and to ensure that they are entitled to profit and benefit from their own creations. Those who practice this ever-changing type of law are aware that it’s a dynamic field that requires true dedication to keep up. Hiring an experienced intellectual property lawyer is the best way to make sure that you will always be able to call your creative work your own.

Patent Law

There are different types of intellectual property protection and practice areas, but patent law is a specific area that involves inventions. An invention can be a machine, a device, a process, or something similar. For example, the creation of a new insecticide that involves combining some specific chemicals is a process that would require a patent.

Obtaining a patent is a complex process, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. The best person to hire for this type of protection is a patent attorney who is familiar with the scientific field that deals with the invention being patented.

Trademark Law

A trademark is a word, symbol or phrase that is created to distinguish a product or service from other products and services. A trademark can exist and provide some level of protection just by being used for a period of time, but registration of the trademark makes it possible to get legal protection.

In order to register your trademark, you must be sure it is unique and that it is put in the right classification. An experienced trademark lawyer can help you register your trademark so that you don’t waste time and money sending in applications that are not filed correctly.

Copyright Law

Copyright law is the area of intellectual property law that deals with written material, film, musical composition, and other creative work. In order to be able to copyright work, the work must be put into tangible form, as you cannot copyright an idea.

In the U.S., this type of creative work is considered copyrighted without registration, but officially registering the work means that if there is an infringement, you can then pursue legal action in a court of law. This way, you can top the infringing party from using your work for his own profit. This is where a skilled copyright lawyer comes in handy.

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