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Companies both large and small, become and remain successful because of their creativity and the ideas they develop in order to capture the attention of the consumer or industry market. In an IP strategy session, leaders and members of the company come together to discuss how these ideas, which are intellectual property or IP, will be used to benefit the company and how they will be protected. It is time-consuming and can also be costly to obtain registered patents, copyrights and trademarks for a business, so the smart thing to do is to have a clear plan on how all of this will be done and what resources will be devoted to this. An IP strategy session with an experienced IP strategy lawyer can help a business to prepare a plan that will reward it for years to come.

Creating a Business’s IP Strategy

The larger and more complex a company, the more important it is to develop a comprehensive IP strategy. When a company has many members who contribute to the creation of unique technologies, products or ideas, it’s important to know which of these contributions are similar to products that already exist before seeking a patent. Then, the company leaders need to know whether or not their IP is competitive. A product or idea is not worth the cost of protecting if it cannot be marketed. It’s also crucial to make sure that everyone involved in the creation and manufacture of the product or technology understands what his or her role will be in the process, so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

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