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A business or company may have a portfolio, or collection, of patents and intellectual property protections just as an individual may have a stock and mutual fund portfolio, or collection of financial assets. And believe it or not, that patent portfolio can be just as important in determining a company’s financial future. Patent portfolio management is the process that a company uses to keep its intellectual property protections, like patents for inventions, copyrights for written material, and trademarks, in good order so that they continue to serve the company meaningfully and generate revenue. Protecting intellectual property can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why it’s important to manage a patent portfolio well. A patent portfolio management lawyer can help get a company started on the right path in managing its intellectual property protection.

Diversification and Balance

Just as is the case in a financial portfolio, diversification is important in a patent portfolio. This means that having diversified patents of different values can minimize risk. One change in market trend will then not have the same influence on everything that is in the patent portfolio, so this diversification will cushion any loss. It’s also important to keep the patent portfolio balanced with regular review. That way, company leaders can consider new intellectual property protection policies when market conditions change. Hiring a lawyer to help maintain this balance is especially important for a larger or more complex type of business or corporation. An experienced patent portfolio management lawyer can help you conduct an audit to determine whether or not your current policies are effective or need modification.

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