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A trademark is a slogan, design, symbol, word, or combination of some of these to identify a party’s goods or services. The purpose of a trademark is to distinguish it from someone else’s goods or services. It can be almost anything. One example is the golden arches of McDonald’s or the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle. Our intellectual property lawyers at the Law Offices of Dorian Cartwright can help you to understand the laws associated with trademarks.

Ultimately, the purpose of a trademark is to prevent unfair competition between companies that use consumer confusion to gain more business. This copyright helps customers to distinguish from different products. It’s important to understand that just because you have a registered trademark, it doesn’t give you rights to that name.

How are they different from copyrights?

A trademark identifies a service or product while copyright is used to protect original works. Copyrights protect creative designs, but don’t usually protect slogans or individual words. A copyright doesn’t exclude others from creating the same type of design. A copyright owner is the creator of an idea and maintains rights for the terms of 50 – 100 years, depending on the copyright chosen.

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