Get the Proper Trademark Protection

A trademark is a symbol, phrase or word that is used to identify a product and to distinguish it from other similar products. When you’ve developed a particular product and have put it on the market, you want to give it its own identity and to have your customers associate that product with you, so that you’re the one who profits from its sale. A trademark gives you recognition for your product and can even be a way of advertising it, once it has gained a reputation. If you have a product that you want to market and you need a way to show the world that it’s unique, a trademark can be a useful tool. Hiring an expert trademark lawyer can ensure that the trademark registration process goes smoothly and that you have the best possible chance of success.

About Trademark Rights

The rights carried by a trademark do not necessarily come from simply registering the trademark. Instead, they are earned simply by being used over time. While registering a trademark is a good idea, it may not afford the same level of protection to the owner as simply using the trademark in the market for many years. The best way to ensure that your trademark is as protected as it can possibly be is to consult with an experienced trademark lawyer. When you do this, the lawyer can give you meaningful legal guidance on how to protect your trademark and can also prevent you from wasting money and time submitting multiple trademark applications that are later rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO.

Registering For a Trademark

When you plan to register a trademark, you must first choose the correct class of goods or services that includes your product. All products are divided by the USPTO into 34 different classifications, and services are divided into 11 classifications. If you do not choose the correct classification, your application will be denied. You must also conduct a search of the USPTO database to see if your trademark or a very similar one is already in use. It is always best if you have been actively using the trademark before you apply for the registration. This way, you can file your trademark application as “Actual Use” rather than “Intent to Use”, so that you need not prove that you are actually using your trademark. Hiring an expert trademark lawyer can help you by evaluating your trademark and dealing with any anticipated problems that could arise before they occur.

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