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Patents refer to inventions where copyrights refer to the expression of an idea. They are governed by different laws. This makes it important to hire an intellectual property lawyer to help you to protect your work. Our legal team at the Law Offices of Dorian Cartwright understands the differences between intellectual property and has the necessary experience needed to help you.


Copyrights protect the expression of your ideas. Artistic works are considered these expressions, whether books, songs, computer programs, or movies. Copyright doesn’t protect the process through which a work was created, but from it being used for profit. It contains both moral and economic rights. Economic rights include the right to copy or publish work or a portion of it. Moral rights are the rights to be listed as its author. It’s important to know that the author doesn’t lose its right when they allow their work to be copied or published. Registering your copyright ensures that you can prove ownership of the work.


A patent is a right to disallow others to make, use, or sell your invention. This protects inventions and the idea itself. Patents must be registered. If you invent something and fail to register it, someone else can say they invented or discovered it.

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