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Intellectual property can be a valuable asset for your company. This makes licensing your patent important. Our legal team can draft a patent license agreement, which allows you to temporarily transfer patent rights to other companies while still profiting from them. When you’re looking to draft a patent license agreement, a patent lawyer from the Law Offices of Dorian Cartwright can help. We can create a professional contract that helps you to accomplish your business goals while keeping your intellectual property safe at the same time.

About patent license agreements

After you patent an invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you get the exclusive rights to make, sell, use, import, export, manufacture, or offer that invention anywhere. You have full control of the patent and the authority to transfer temporarily some or all of those rights to another person or company. This is done with the use of a patent license agreement.

There are several types of licensing agreements including:

  1.   Exclusive license
  2.   Sole license
  3.   Non-exclusive license

In your agreement, we will identify the patent, the fee and payment associated with the transfer, and the grant, which sets out the extent of patent rights you’re granting to the licensee.

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