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Imagine that you invented a product and expect to license it and someone else begins to profit off a product that is similar to yours. You have reason to believe that they stole your invention. You’re probably wondering, “do you have a case for patent infringement?” At the Law Offices of Dorian Cartwright, we can determine whether you have an enforceable patent right over the invention.

What is an enforceable patent?

You must first make sure that you are the legal inventor of the patent for this invention. You may have given up some of your legal rights if you have invented the product in employment. You also need to make sure that your patent isn’t expired. It must be valid under the statute, typically 20 years from the date of filing the patent). You also must have paid maintenance fees to keep your patent alive.

Assuming that the patent is yours and it’s up to date, the next question is if you have a valid patent over the specific element of invention that is being infringed. Our lawyers can look at their invention and determine if they are similar or not. If these elements match, an infringement may have occurred. From there, we would apply a doctrine of equivalents to contest the product. We would draft and file a formal complaint to set forth your allegations.

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