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The way a business or company uses its patents can determine, to a great degree, its success or failure. Intellectual property is a very important asset to companies that deal with technology, science, or design, and innovative and creative members of the company’s team often come up with unique ideas and approaches to solve various problems. How a company decides to use and to protect these ideas is called a patent strategy. Many businesses really have no true strategy, and they suffer as a result. That’s why it’s important to develop a coherent strategy that addresses the operation of the business as a whole as well as its goals and purpose. Hiring an experienced patent strategy attorney to help create this plan is a great way to ensure that it gets done intelligently.

Using Patents to Add Value

Companies that focus on technology or science spend much of their revenue on research and development of new products. How can they get that revenue back in profits? Using patents to add value to the company is one way, and there are many ways to do this. Patents can be obtained for exclusive rights to market or sell a certain technology, or the patent license can be sold to another business who will make use of it and pay royalties on that use. Those who make decisions about how the intellectual property of a business will be handled need to understand the current market and what sort of competition exists. The strategy that your business uses will be unique to its operation and goals.

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